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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Hugo7876 » Lun 27 Avr 2015 16:52

Lu et approuvé
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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Moorwen » Sam 2 Mai 2015 03:05

Lu et approuvé
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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Masc » Sam 2 Mai 2015 14:05

Lu et approuvé
(Voir définition Wikipedia :mrgreen: )
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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Pablo » Dim 24 Mai 2015 23:54

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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Gitano » Lun 8 Juin 2015 07:44

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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Linarielle » Sam 8 Aoû 2015 15:03

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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar SnAkE » Mar 18 Aoû 2015 03:10

Lu et Approuvé !
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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Morgoth » Dim 17 Jan 2016 02:26

Lu et approuvé
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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Stoukette » Mar 9 Aoû 2016 22:34

Je propose une traduction du reglement en anglais ci-dessous ^^

server rules

---------- Bases and camps

1. Every player can have two plot poles. At two players and more, every player adds one plot pole to the count (1 player = 2 plot poles, 2 players = 3 plot poles, 4 players = 5 plot poles and so on).

2. No base/building allowed 1 kilometer away from Berezino, Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, and all traders including V.I.P trader. (1001 meters ok, 999 meters not ok!).

3. To build inside an existing building, an admin advice is necessary.

4. Your base must be locked to avoid scavengers/unwanted visitors.

5. In case of intrusion inside of yourbase, you must order to the unwanted people to immediately leave and go away on the BLUE CHANNEL (so everyone can see the message) and take a screenshot, hitting F12 (censed to be the Steam key for screenshots) to have an evidence to show to admins if asked. Then if the dude don't want to obey the order, up to you to whoop his ass or even kill him, and still hit F12 for an evidence (and a sweet memories of this xD). But to make this kill a truly LEGIT one, you must post the screenshots to an admin or post them on the's forum.

---------- Vehicles

1. In a base counting one people, 4 vehicles maximum are allowed. for any player more, 1 vehicle will be allowed in the base. The special admin event vehicles do not enter this count. (see rule #3 for special vehicles)

2. All your vehicles must be locked or unreachable to other players (on ourserver this is possible to add a lock to a vehicle found in the wild).

3. Special admin event vehicles can be sold to a player, but then it will become a normal vehicle for the customer, and lose its special event status. Therefore, this vehicle will have to respect the 4 vehicles max/people rule.

4. In case of 2 special admin event vehicles won, the player will have 2 days to decide which one he will save, and which one will be deleted by admin. (excepted if the player choose to sell one of his vehicles to another player to save his allowed amount of vehicles).

5. Player vehicles must NOT be parked into trader zones.

6. If you find a vehicle in the wild and he's not locked (with or without cargo inside) you can take it.

7. Special admin event vehicles aren't given back in case of destruction.

---------- Missions, treasure huntings and crashed bot helis/jets

1. To mark your presence on a mission, treasure hunting or bot crash, you must mark the map with your name on the upper right of the mission zone (in blue channel so everyone see the mark) and say it in blue channel too.

2. The mission box stuff will be divided in equal parts when all dead players come back on the mission , unless there is a discuss about it between the players.

3. This is not allowed to refuse the mission's access to other players. For bot crashed and treasure hunts, the rule is "first to come, first to take". BUT for treasure huntings, once it's found, you must mark map with "fait/done" (in blue channel...) so everyone knows it's worthless to hurry their ass up there! :D

4. Waiting everyone before starting missions.

---------- Players

1. While you sell stuff to traders or just walk around or afk, you must always lock your vehicles to avoid having your stuff or vehicle robbed by other players. You don't know who's around!

2. Players must be fair play with each other. Even if you dont like them.

3. To install mumble isn't a requirement but is strongly recommended ^^

4. In case of trouble(s), the admin are always connected on Dart (admin soft) and mumble. And a private message on the forum will be seen too, but a little longer to work. if you have a problem on the server, justsay "admin" or an admin's name, and they will have a warning on dart and if they're not currently afk, you will see a red ingame message of an admin, so payattention to this :)

5. You must lock your base when yoiu leave it.

6. About your base maintenance, if you go on vacations and no friend can do this for you, say it on the forum or ask for an admin ingame, and maybe they can do this for you.

7. An "active" player is someone that connects at least once a week and play more than one hour. Any inactive player base can be deleted at any moment, or made available by an admin to the other players that will be able to come and take what's inside.

8. This is not allowed to loot the body of a dead player.

---------- Server

1. Any safe or camping tent who is not inside a base or house will be systematically deleted by admin(s) at any moment.

2. Admins do not refund the losses, robbings or thefts, except in case of a server bug. In any case, the decision will be up to the admin.

3. V.I.P (donators) are not allowed to offer/sell V.I.P equipment to players not V.I.P themselves. Hey, you paid, not them. Be selfish! ;)
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Re: Règlement serveur Arma 2

Messagepar Jeff » Mar 9 Aoû 2016 22:42

Merci :)
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